Gifts for Non-Binary Kids

Celebrating the uniqueness of non-binary kids involves exploring gifts that honor their individuality and diverse interests. Whether they lean towards expressive fashion, creative arts, or enjoy a blend of various elements, our list of the top 10 gifts aims to capture the essence of their identity. Join us on a journey to discover presents that speak to their vibrant personalities and provide a space for self-expression and exploration.

  1. Gender-Inclusive Clothing: Commemorate their style with gender-inclusive clothing, such as comfortable joggers, graphic tees with positive messages, or versatile hoodies that allow for both comfort and self-expression.
  2. Customizable Jewelry: Personalize their accessories with gender-neutral jewelry options. Consider bracelets with adjustable bands, customizable necklaces, or rings that embrace various styles, allowing them to express themselves authentically.
  3. Art Supplies for Creative Expression: Fuel their creativity with a diverse set of art supplies. From sketchbooks with inclusive themes to a rainbow of markers and paints, provide tools that empower them to express their feelings and ideas through art.
  4. Inclusive Literature Collection: Expand their reading horizons with a collection of inclusive literature. Choose books that feature diverse characters and explore themes of self-discovery, acceptance, and identity, helping them feel seen and understood.
  5. Music Exploration Kit: Encourage their musical journey with a diverse collection of artists and genres. Gift them headphones, a music streaming subscription, or merchandise from artists who embrace and celebrate diversity.
  6. Self-Expression Board Games: Foster joy and connection with board games that celebrate individuality and self-expression. Look for games that encourage creativity, cooperation, and laughter, providing a space for them to be themselves.
  7. Personalized Pronoun Accessories: Honor their pronouns with accessories like custom pronoun pins, bracelets, or keychains. These small but meaningful items can help create a sense of affirmation and inclusivity.
  8. DIY Craft Kit for Identity Exploration: Cultivate their sense of self with a DIY craft kit. Choose a versatile set that allows them to create items reflecting their identity, such as custom patches, pride flags, or personalized affirmation cards.
  9. Inclusive Room Decor: Transform their space into a haven of inclusivity with decor that embraces diversity. Opt for items like rainbow-themed wall art, inclusive posters, or LED lights in various colors to create a welcoming atmosphere.
  10. Mental Health and Wellness Resources: Support their well-being with resources that focus on mental health and self-care. Consider journals, mindfulness apps, or books that provide guidance on navigating the unique aspects of their journey.


This carefully curated list of gifts is designed to honor and celebrate the non-binary kid in your life. Each item aims to foster a sense of inclusivity, empowerment, and self-expression. Embrace the radiant diversity of their identity and let your gift be a reflection of the unique and vibrant individual they are becoming.

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